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Custom layout queue page for university


Course enrollment, housing selection, and admission applications cause surges in online traffic that can overwhelm your institutional infrastructure. Website issues lead students to inundate your employees with emails and calls, reducing productivity. Downtime also harms your institution's reputation.

Keep your systems online

A virtual waiting room supports your IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly server scaling. The first-in, first-out process gives students a fair and transparent wait, reducing social media complaints. And flexible integration options let you implement in your technology stack in under a day.

Customizable queue page for education
University queue pages

When a virtual waiting room can help

See how Queue-it's virtual waiting room can help you deliver a fair and seamless online experience for students.

First-in, first-out line
Provide a fair experience
chart of growth
Invest resources more effectively
Clock with timer
Implement quickly and easily
email notification
Keep students informed

Top virtual waiting room features

  • Update your students on the progress of their wait with real-time communication
  • Service students in a fair and organized way by applying a first-in, first-out waiting room
  • Measure and track traffic peaks in real-time with waiting room traffic analytics

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