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The virtual waiting room experience

queue man standing in line

When peak traffic surges converge on a website, website visitors are sent to the online queue. Learn more about what goes on when your users are waiting in the virtual waiting room for their turn to access your website.

This video explores the virtual waiting room and the online queuing experience through the perspective of your website’s visitors.

For your customers, there is nothing worse than a slow or unresponsive website. Just a 1-second delay on your website can see a 7% decrease in conversion rates, and almost 80% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance report being less likely to buy from the same site again.

To avoid tarnishing your brand reputation during online traffic surges, Queue-it places excess visitors in a fully customizable virtual waiting room. The queue page can be designed to fit your unique brand identity.

While your eager online customers wait their turn, take the opportunity to engage with your audience. Ensure visitors have a transparent experience by providing real-time information about their position in the queue, how many customers are ahead of them, and when they can expect to enter your site.

Studies find that unexpected and unexplained waits feel longer than waits individuals are prepared for. Reassure your customers with the latest wait information and real-time updates about product or ticket availability to ensure transparency and fairness.

Further, visitors can receive email notifications when it’s their turn to enter your website. That way, they are free to move around while they’re waiting.

Make sure that your products end up in the hands of genuine fans and customers. With Queue-it, you can challenge suspicious online traffic and validate real fans through the use of CAPTCHA questions before assigning a unique queue number.

Why use a virtual waiting room?