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The battle between bad bots and ticketing

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Scalpers & their bots are constantly adapting. For online ticket vendors, the show must go on—but how? Watch the webinar to find out.

Tickets to major events are increasingly selling out within minutes, only to reappear on resale websites at prices above face value. The prime suspect: bots.

With stakeholders from artists to fans to politicians pressing to banish such bots from the ticketing ecosystem, both primary and secondary ticket vendors need solutions.

In The Battle Between Bots and Ticketing, onsale experts Niels Sodemann and Edward Roberts address the bot challenges head-on. When watching the webinar you will come away with deeper insight into:

  • Types of bad bots, how they abuse onsales, and signs you have a problem
  • How ticket scalping and bot legislation impact your ticketing business
  • Four bad bot attack vectors every ticketing industry player must understand
  • Determining the right bot mitigation strategy for premium onsales

Bots were first used in the ticketing industry and have plagued it ever since. In fact, in 2017 nearly 30% of all online ticketing traffic was made up of bots. But think bots are only scalping tickets? Think again.

Spinning, denial of inventory, and account takeover bots are far more harmful. They can cause great damage to onsales by preventing ticket sales and by compromising data security and customer trust. As a result, online ticketing companies suffer lost revenue and trust in their brand.

Since the U.S. BOTS Act of 2016, governments around the world have had ticketing bots in their sights. But the legislation produced remains a step behind. Touts continually innovate their vectors of attack using increasingly-sophisticated bots. And authorities often lack the tools needed to crack down on touts and their bots. Bottom line, you can’t rely on legislation to solve this problem for you.

Bots have changed the economics of the ticketing business. You need to change the economics of bot attacks.

This webinar shows how a best-in-breed, combined Queue-it and Distil solution is one trusted way to win the battle and stay one step ahead of the next ticketing bot assault.

Webinar Presenters

Niels Henrik Sodemann
Niels is CEO and co-founder of Queue-it and has a substantial background within IT and business management.

Edward Roberts
Edward is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks (now part of Imperva) and has over twenty years’ experience in technology marketing.


Banish the bots from your ticketing onsales