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The 2016 AWS Re:Invent Conference

Updated: 21 Jul 2023
2016 AWS Re:Invent Conference

At Queue-it, we leverage AWS every day to aid in delivering our virtual waiting room service, which has now processed more than 1.5 billion users.

Besides bringing interesting improvements, this years’ AWS Re:Invent conference also brought together the Copenhagen AWS User Group, a Queue-it initiative to assure we are always on top of new innovations. With AWS’s recent keynote announcements, we wanted to share our perspective on the updates, as well as share some AWS-related news of our own.

Key takeaways from the 2016 AWS Re:Invent Conference and Copenhagen AWS User Group

Staying in touch with the latest innovations in terms of IT developments is key for being able to maintain existing services while also being aware of future developments and incremental innovation opportunities. AWS Re:Invent’s annual conference is one of the key events for learning we look forward to each year here at Queue-it.

One of the most discussed services during the networking session from the ones presented this year, AWS Shield, has created excitement through its potential to prevent DDoS attacks and protect data, expanding on one of the key services Queue-it has been focusing to offer to its customers. Preventing bot attacks has been among our top priorities in terms of creating an overall reach for the online fairness provided through the first-in, first-out principle of how we manage end-users. AWS Shield has contoured an overarching architecture that offers protection with no manageable requirements while being easily integrated.

Other appreciated AWS technologies that sparked interesting innovation opportunities were AWS Recognition and Amazon LEX features which now enable the use of services such as complex image recognition and beneficial bot integration to build conversational applications which can provide information, control applications, and even mechanisms. The solutions presented by the latest AWS services allow businesses to leverage and deploy competencies in order to scale faster while providing more innovation potential.

Two other key Queue-it and AWS news items coincided with the Re:Invent conference:

Queue-it Taking Leadership of the Copenhagen AWS User Group

Bringing together the Copenhagen AWS User Group for a Re:invent viewing party has served as a great networking session for sharing ideas, key learnings and potential AWS service applicability after the keynote.

Everybody wins when the cumulative experiences and lessons learned in the community are shared. Queue-it would like to be in the center of the AWS User Group community in Copenhagen, and thus the motivation behind our initiative. - Martin Larsen, Director of Product at Queue-it

The network session brought together individuals from similar backgrounds, but with different experience levels and ways of applying AWS services, which opened unique ideas for discussion and development based on the services presented. The pace of the innovation mechanisms developed and presented by AWS has also been a trigger for identifying new potential developments and improvements for Queue-it and our network.

Queue-it needs to be an exciting place to work and we need to have a culture where innovation and creativity thrive. Supporting the Copenhagen AWS User Group is one step in that direction. - Martin Larsen, Director of Product at Queue-it

Queue-it Announced as Authorized AWS Public Sector Partner

Besides being an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, this year, Queue-it had the honor of being selected as an AWS Public Sector Partner, which offers validation of the value we offer to our public sector customers.

The alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) builds on an existing relationship as Advanced Technology Partner, and we are very proud to take the relationship to the next level as an Authorized AWS Public Sector Partner. - Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO at Queue-it

Being an authorized AWS Public Sector Partner highlights the degree of commitment we offer towards providing our best online services through our virtual waiting room. Our software has been able to offer a dependable solution to government institutions, creating consistency between these institutions’ legitimacy and their online services, by creating a fair end-user experience while addressing data security threats.

While there are plenty of AWS Services further worth discussing, Queue-it is excited to be able to leverage internal competencies through AWS. Being an Authorized AWS Public Partner and keeping in touch with the latest available AWS services not only enriches the potential of the online solution we are developing, but it also offers value for the continuation of the Copenhagen AWS User Group- a knowledge base which assures continuous learning opportunities and networking which will translate in future achievements and developments.

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