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Expert roundtable on the future of online streaming & ticketing

The future of online streaming and ticketing

How does streaming fit into the future of ticketing and live entertainment? What does ticketing of the future will look like? Check out this lively panel discussion with experts from the Royal National Theatre in London, Xperiology, and Queue-it on the current state of ticketing.

2020 has turned the ticketing industry on its head. In response, the industry has turned to live streaming. But how does streaming fit into the future of ticketing and live entertainment?

Join industry insiders Niels Henrik Sodemann, Ian Nuttall, and Nicholas Triantafyllou for a lively panel discussion on the current state of ticketing and what its future will look like.

When watching the webinar, you will come away with deeper insight into:

  • Business model possibilities for online streaming
  • Considerations for running successful live streaming events
  • The role online streaming will play in future live entertainment
  • Insights into the future of ticketing

Find what most interests you and jump right in:

  • 0:43 Panelist introduction
  • 1:58 Agenda
  • 2:57 Traditional ticketing business model
  • 5:00 Online streaming business model
  • 12:27 Case study: NT at Home
  • 25:11 Panel discussion
  • 48:45 Q&A

You should watch this webinar if you are:

  • An online ticketing or arts & culture organization wanting to learn more about the future of the industry

If you prefer to read instead of watch:

We've got you covered. We've packed all the best insights into a blog post:

Webinar Presenters

Niels Henrik Sodemann

Queue-it’s CEO & Co-Founder Niels has a solid background within IT and business management. He is a well-known figure in the ticketing industry and deeply appreciates its strong community-based collaboration.


Nicholas Triantafyllou

Nicholas Triantafyllou is an IT visionary with 18 years’ experience of successfully leading technology focused teams and delivering award winning digital projects for well-known arts institutions, such as the Barbican and Southbank Centre, and now the National Theatre in London.


Ian Nuttall

Ian is the Owner and Founder of TheTicketingBusiness Forum and its news channel – both presented by his Xperiology events and marketing agency. His working life began in sports events management (including Wimbledon) before pursuing an award-winning career in B2B magazine publishing.