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Everything you need to know about custom themes

Queue-it custom queue on computer

What features can Queue-it customers alter on the custom queue theme? This video explores the various options.

We often get asked what customers can do with the custom queue layout for their onsales, collection releases, class registrations, applications, and other events. In short, almost anything you can do on a web page, to help our customers create the same look and feel of their website or app.

We know clear communication with website visitors is key. That’s why the queue page can be displayed in the language of users’ browsers or you can choose from over 40 languages that we support.

The background of the queue page can be customized with graphics or even videos. The headline and text letting customers know they are in the queue can also be fitted for the occasion: giving shoppers the important details, building hype around the wait, and acting as a form of social proof.

After over a decade in business, we’ve also found that how site visitors feel when they wait matters more than how long the wait is. One way to help customers feel positive about waiting is through the queue progress information and the visual progress bar. Both can be altered to reflect your brand image.

Let your customers know about product availability or whether an event has ended through the real-time communication feature. Want to capture customer emails to let them know when it’s their turn to access your website or to let them know about future events? Use the email notification feature to do just that.

In addition, support your brand experience by adding icons linking to your social media profiles, embedding Twitter feeds or YouTube videos, or even adding animations to entertain waiting customers. Or use the opportunity to cross-market other products to an audience that’s already interested in what you’re selling. Maintain consistent branding through white labelling the page and using a custom domain. Customize the sound that lets visitors know when it’s time to enter your site.

Not only can the queue page be part of your brand experience, it can be an integral part of protecting your website. Use a similarly branded pre-queue to catch early visitors or use features like a unique key value so only registered members (not bots) have access to your products or services. Use the queue page as a maintenance page while you work on your back-end infrastructure.  

Why do we invest in the custom queue page feature? Because it’s crucial for many of our customers.

I love that everything matches and is seamless with our branding...In my opinion, Queue-it is one of the best vendors we've ever worked with because they are as dedicated to our brand as much as we are.

Alex Wakim, Director of Operations & Business Development, LiveGlam 


Looking for more information on how you can tailor the queue layout to create your desired brand experience? If you’re a Queue-it customer, we encourage you to reach out to the Queue-it support team.

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