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Cloudflare & Queue-it: How websites are adapting to surging demand

Cloudflare & Queue-it webinar: How websites are adapting to surging demand

Online traffic is rising and businesses’ biggest days are increasingly taking place digitally. Discover the challenges surging traffic poses and learn how you can boost web performance and site reliability, no matter the demand.

Online businesses are experiencing unprecedented traffic surges, posing increased challenges including crashes, lost orders, and wasted resources.

Based on years of experience in website performance, Cloudflare’s Director of Product Marketing, Derek Yee, and Queue-it’s VP of Sales, Henrik Bjergegaard share how businesses can adapt to this ‘new normal.’

If you have a website that experiences traffic peaks, are responsible for keeping it up and running, or working in ecommerce, marketing, DevOps, or IT, join this webinar for actionable advice from the frontlines of a changed ecommerce world.

What you'll learn:

  • The challenges traffic surges pose for online businesses
  • Best practices for adapting to high demand
  • 6 common web performance misconceptions to avoid

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